1916 – 2016 Centenary Commemorations in Donegal

1916 Centenary Commemorations Donegal
Donegal 2016 will see an extensive programme of events and activities delivered across the county to commemorate the events of the 1916 Rising, to reflect on our achievements over the last 100 years and to look towards our future.

Everyone, of all ages, both in Donegal and overseas, is invited to join in a year of commemoration, conversation and exploration – through the arts, through historical research and exposition, through the Irish language, through education and children’s events – from which a new and more expansive sense of Irish identity can emerge.

The programme in Donegal is informed by the Expert Advisory Group’s Vision for the 2016 Centenary Year: The commemoration will be measured and reflective, and will be informed by a full acknowledgement of the complexity of historical events and their legacy, of the multiple readings of history, and of the multiple identities and traditions which are part of the Irish historical experience.

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Doagh Famine Village

Doagh Famine Village – located in north Inishowen the village tells the story of the impact of the Great Famine on rural Irish life in Donegal

Donegal Thatched Cottages

Traditional Irish Thatched Cottages – In olden times the thatched cottages were very popular throughout Ireland.

Donegal Road Gritting Updates