Diaspora an economic resource for Donegal

A workshop “Diaspora an economic resource for Donegal” will take place on Wednesday, February 8 between 9.30am and 12.30am at the Radisson Hotel in Letterkenny.

The workshop will be given by Kinsley Aikins, former CEO of the Ireland Funds Worldwide. The Workshop will examine benefits and good practice with regard to harnessing diaspora as a resource and will focus on the potential of this sector for this region.

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Sally Murphy, managing the Donegal Diaspora Project for Donegal County Council, said….

“If you have a family and you want to do outdoors stuff than you can go to Ards or you can go to Slieve League. Families can go to Rathmullan either and enjoy all it has to offer or you can go to Portsalon. Again, we just have so much to offer people. It is about pulling all that together and displaying it and figuring out who the markets are and focusing on that, it might be through the GAA globally or the Donegal Association, it might be through the Irish art’s centre or it might be through business people,” she said.

Diaspora an economic resource for Donegal

Another interesting aspect to the project is to consider how to best display our county to the families of those who have settled here over the past decades.

“Think about all the new people who have come to Donegal in the last decade from Africa, Poland. Chile and other countries. How do we inform their families in their homelands about the place that they are living in?”