Inishowen Design Company

Inishowen Design Company

We’re a small business operating out of Carndonagh in the beautiful peninsula of Inishowen in Co. Donegal, right up the top of Ireland.

When we were a bit younger we did some travelling, our clothes drawer is an A-Z of where we’ve been. A few years ago we noticed that if a visitor came to Inishowen and wanted to take a momento home, specifically an item of clothing, you’d have to go for a knitted sweater or flat cap with a shamrock. Its not everyone’s cup of “tae”, its not ours for sure, we like to buy a t-shirt when we go away, or a silly pair of shorts, something like that, that’s just the way we are.

One idea led to another and we came up with a few designs, got them printed and people showed an interest. From there things have moved on, we now design everything ourselves, do our own printing and have gone from selling a few t-shirts a week to selling all over the world. It’s a geographically small place Inishowen but the people do get around and we’ve noticed they love to take a bit of home with them. That’s where we fit in.

The orders are coming in from everywhere, locally of course, but mostly abroad – Australia, New Zealand, America and Korea to name a few. It’s the times we live in that our own have to go away from home to experience a better life. When they are away, we like to be part of that feeling of being from Ireland. We’re finding our t-shirts in the box in the post along with the chocolate, Lyons teabags and Tayto crisps. We’re in good company!

More recently we’ve expanded a little, Pure Savage is the side of the business which designs and prints t-shirts and hoodies not specific to Inishowen. Pure Savage is more general, it can be anything from typical Irish humour to football t-shirts. It also designs and print t-shirts for hen/stag partys and birthdays and so on. Also, if there is a design you’d like printed, a one-off, we can do that for you. Basically we do a bit of everything. We think that’s the best way.