Images of Donegal

Some great images of Donegal taken during the summer of 2011 by Paul Deeney. Donegal has some of the finest surfing beaches in Europe and attracts enthusiasts from far and near. Its links courses are second to none – and great value too. With new initiatives like Donegal Food Taverns and restaurants such as the Willow Tree at Rathmullan House and Harry’s in Bridgend using fresh, locally sourced food – the county’s food offering has reached new heights. Enjoy the short slide presentation below.

The music in the video is “Remember When” by the Heathers

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Aranmore Island Photo Gallery

These photos were taken on a trip to Aranmore Island during the summer of 2011.

Most of the population lives along the southern and (comparatively sheltered) eastern coast. It has been settled since pre-Celtic times, and the few remaining signs of early settlement include a promontory fort to the south of the island and shell middens dotted along the beaches. Its position near the Atlantic shipping lanes was exploited, with a coastguard station and a lighthouse positioned on the most north-westerly point, and a World War 2 monitoring post set up to look out for U-Boats.

The permanent population is 650, but this rises to well over 1,000 during the summer months. A large proportion of the housing stock are holiday homes, with both native islanders and their descendants, as well as non locals being attracted to the beauty of the island.