Donegal Traditional Thatched Cottages

Donegal Traditional Thatched Cottages
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Donegal Traditional Thatched Cottages – Joseph Gallagher has always had a keen interest in local history, and while the role of Heritage Officer keeps him busy during the day, outside of his job with Donegal County Council, in his spare time over the last number of years he has been researching for a new book on traditional Donegal Cottages.

Along with fellow academic and historian, Dr Greg Stevenson, they have co-authored a beautiful new coffee- table style publication called “Traditional Cottages of County Donegal”.

Released just before Christmas 2012, it features many iconic traditional buildings from all corners of the county and many less known, yet equally fascinating examples of the county’s built heritage.

Their work not only captures many stunning images, but also features detailed explanations for the various elements that make up traditional Donegal cottages

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Joseph Gallagher says one of the main messages people can take from the book is that these old buildings can be preserved and are important from many perspectives, including the tourism sector.

These buildings can be adapted to meet modern demands. We are in a better position now than we ever were to try maintaining these buildings, and not just as relics on the landscape. That’s not what it is really about, it’s about bringing them back into use and also show they are important. I think there is still tremendous affection for these buildings and people might think ‘this building is important to my family but maybe not to anybody else’ but they are important. I think they are very important to visitors and to people living abroad who come to Ireland who want to see them and want to hear the story of them – why they were important and what they reflect in the history of the county.