The Gallagher Clan Gathering 2013

The Gallagher Clan Gathering 2013
6th – 14th September 2013

The first global Gallagher gathering took place in Letterkenny, Co Donegal in 2007 — where there over 2,000 Gallaghers appear in the phone book alone!

With Gallaghers coming from as far away as Australia and Alaska, it claimed the Guinness World Record for a “the largest same name gathering” with 1,488 Gallaghers coming together in Donegal.

Although there’s been gatherings of Joneses in Wales since, The Gallaghers continue to reign as King of the Clans and there’s exciting things afoot for 2013. Listen to Adrian Gallagher, ‘King of the Gallaghers’ to find out more.

The 2nd Gallagher Global Gathering will be held in Gortahork,Co.Donegal Ireland from 6th – 14th September 2013. It will be based at the Ostan Loch Altan / Loch Altan Hotel. As with our first in 2007 this gathering will be a memorable occassion for all who attend. Various events will be taking place throughout the week and you can attend all of them or just a selection.

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Moville Pottery

In business for over 35 years, Moville Pottery is owned & run by Lowry Wasson and Brian Mclaughlin.

They manufacturers of fine thrown stoneware pottery and also stock local crafts from around Inishowen, Yankee Candle, Pilgrim Jewellery, Danish Design Watches, Fred Bennett and many many more.

Bespoke Dinnerware
We have been contracted by the award winning Harry’s Restaurant situated in Bridgend, to supply them with bespoke dinnerware. Harry’s is renowned for using the very best in locally sourced raw materials in the production of their wonderfull food. They have now taken this approach to another level by sourcing the dinnerware locally as well. We have been working with Harry’s manager Donal & his head Chef to produce these specially designed dishes.

In the video (below) you can see how we throw,turn & handle our hand made stoneware mugs. We make these at our pottery, situated in the beautiful Inishowen peninsula, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Visit

Contact Details

Moville Pottery
Co Donegal

T: 00353 74 9382059

Pottery Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 12 noon- 5 pm

Moville Pottery in the News

One of Inishowen’s most famous businesses has been awarded a unique opportunity to promote its shop on an international stage thanks to the City of Culture. Read more

Ballyliffin Scratch Cup

Ballyliffin Scratch Cup

Ballyliffin Scratch Cups- 36 holes Glashedy Links Sunday Sept 9th – Timesheet in Proshop +353 749378100
Entries Close Wednesday Sept 5th

Letterkenny Strong Man Event

Letterkenny Strong Man Event

Europe’s Strongest Man is for Letterkenny this September and is some of the top names in the sport will be in attendance. The event will run on the 14th and 15th September and will be broadcast live on Setanta Sports

The Clanree hotel will host the weigh with the events taking place in the Letterkenny Town Park.

Well done to local man Nigle Drein of Motiv8 Fitness on helping to capture this great event for Letterkenny For more information:

It’s not a sport for the faint-hearted, as organiser Dave Warner knows only too well. The Leeds man, who held the title of Ireland’s Strongest Man between 2006 and 2009, once managed to pull two train carriages in a competition.

And he revealed that spectators at the Europe’s Strongest Man event are in for a real treat. He explained: “The Under 90kg event has grown in popularity as it’s the average weight for a guy. The competitors are so evenly matched that you never know who will win.”

Up to 14 national title holders will compete on September 14 to 15. And to scoop the title, they’ll have to achieve some super-human feats.

One of the toughest contests will see them try to lift 160kg stone balls, almost twice their body weight.

Dave explained: “There are eight events in all and they are all extremely difficult.” It may sound like a torturous hobby, but it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Dave added: “In 2001 I pulled two train carriages along a track, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Fans of strongman competitions will also get a chance to see real-life heroes in the form of former 105kg World Strongman, Darren Sadler, who will be the tournament’s referee.

More details of Letterkenny Events at

Annual Patrick McGill Lecture 2012

Annual Patrick McGill Lecture 2012

Donegal Historical Society

The Heritage Centre, Ardara, Co. Donegal
Sat, 15th September

“The Early Medieval Kingdoms of Donegal” by Dr. Brian Lacey
Copies of his new book “Lug’s Donegal Kingdom” will be available.

National Geographic Bundoran

Bundoran, in Ireland’s County Donegal, has received one of the best surfing accolades around: a listing as one of the top 20 surf destinations in the world by National Geographic.

The world-renowned magazine puts Bundoran as the best place to start any surfing adventure on the Emerald Isle and recommends the rugged northwest corner of Ireland’s long Atlantic coastline for “the salty surf traveller who doesn’t mind surfing in cold water or rain”.

Bundoran was one of two European destinations to make it onto the magazine’s coveted list.
According to National Geographic what makes an awesome surf town is a special combination of factors that make up the ‘perfect wave’.

In the case of Bundoran, the ingredients include welcoming accommodation, friendly locals, lively nightlife, good food and plenty to do when the waves don’t come out to play.

The centuries-old fishing village catches just about any swell that powers across the North Atlantic onto beaches and reefs that suit different levels of surfers.

Ireland’s most famous reef break, The Peak, is also a Bundoran resident.

The town of Bundoran offers a choice of surf shops, surf schools and a wide range of accommodation to stow the board and rest the head, from budget options to luxury hotel rooms with an ocean view.

“Bundoran has always been recognised globally as a surfing town and coming into September and November is when the water is at its warmest, the Atlantic is at full throttle and the crowd is definitely stoked,” says regular visitor Sharon Doherty.

“If you’re new to Bundoran, get down to the Fitzgerald’s or the Bridge Bar to meet surfers, locals and musicians. The craic is second to none.”

Tullan Strand is regarded as the main surfing stretch, but the locals will advise on loads of surrounding reefs and beaches that work on a variety of swells.

Over the last two decades Ireland has become a mecca for surfers. Described by National Geographic as ‘Europe’s cold-water Indonesia’, the craggy coastline with its huge unspoiled beaches and impressive waves is now one of the world’s must-surfs.

Surfers with an appetite for variety can ride the waves at Ireland’s other great surfing towns, including Easkey in Sligo, Lahinch in County Clare and Portrush on County Antrim’s famous Causeway Coast.

In Donegal, a land-based adventure around this region’s breathtaking scenery offers further thrills beyond surfing, including the sea cliffs at Slieve League, among the most spectacular in Ireland.

The Gathering Community Meetings

Throughout 2012, people in each county in Ireland will be invited to participate in a Community Meeting, organised by a local Gathering Steering Group.
At the meeting, you will have an opportunity to hear about The Gathering, learn how you can become involved and develop ideas for gatherings in groups with others from your community.
The Community Meetings will be advertised in your local newspapers & radio.

Donegal Community Meetings

The following dates and venues have been arranged for the Community Meetings in Co. Donegal:

10th September 2012 @ 7pm – Mount Errigal Hotel, Letterkenny

18th September 2012 @ 7pm – Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Buncrana

19th September 2012 @ 7pm – Maghery Resource Centre, Dungloe

25th September 2012 @ 7pm – Jackson’s Hotel, Ballybofey

26th September 2012 @ 7pm – Solis Lough Eske, Donegal Town

This promises to be an exciting and worthwhile experience for all involved.

For more information, please contact:
Máire Aine Gardiner
Gathering Ireland 2013 – North West Co-ordinator
Failte Ireland
Blaney Road
Co. Donegal
Tel: 074-9160026
Email: [email protected]

Branding Donegal

Tell us about (y)our Donegal. What makes it special? What makes it Donegal?

Branding Donegal is an initiative to develop an evocative and compelling brand for the county. Why develop a unified Donegal brand? Because it can help Donegal attract more visitors and inward investment and can ultimately lead to job creation and greater prosperity.

But our brand must truly reflect who we are and what makes Donegal special. So tell us what you think. What makes Donegal, well, Donegal?

The initiative has been called to life by the Donegal County Enterprise Board and is funded by Donegal Local Development Company.

Please let us know your thoughts via our Facebook Page

Rathmullan on Lesser Spotted Ulster

Rathmullan on Lesser Spotted Ulster

We very nearly didn’t have room to squeeze into Alfie McCollum’s shop, the old courthouse, in Rathmullan. I don’t think I have ever been in a more congested space.

Every inch of it was crammed from floor to ceiling with the most extraordinary collections of memorabilia, antiques, bric-a-brac, crockery, jewellery, glassware, paintings, signs, postcards, toys, skeletons (yes skeletons) and at least one specimen of every single man-made object that ever existed on earth.

Well, that might be a slight exaggeration but that’s the way it seemed to our camera crew who had to find somewhere to stand with their equipment without sending whole cabinets of fragile and irreplaceable objects crashing to the ground.

Thankfully Vinny Cunningham, our cameraman, and Billy Gallagher, a sound man if ever there was one, don’t take up much room.

Vinny is tall and thin and Billy doesn’t eat much, but even so they had to inch sideways into position and then stand very still and try not to breathe for an hour or so.

It was quite a challenge for them, but after many years of filming Lesser Spotted Ulster they’re well used to finding themselves in strange, awkward and often downright scary places. They’ve been up mountains, down caves, crawled through souterrains, waded swollen rivers, sailed the seas in every imaginable type of craft and even climbed to the top of cathedral spires in gale force winds.

They’ve done all this while burdened down with gear that weighs as much as two bags of coal.

Have they ever complained? Frequently, but I just ignore them.

Seriously though, Vinny and Billy are a great double act, one of the main reasons why Lesser Spotted Ulster is such a joy to do.

Their technical skills, I take for granted, it’s the quiet, unfussy and unobtrusive way they go about their business that makes them such an invaluable part of the team. They’re really expert at putting people at their ease, relaxing them, making the whole process as painless as possible.

Often when we finish recording people will say, “Is that it?”

The true skill of a documentary camera crew is their ability to be invisible.

Vinny and Billy are brilliant at it. It’s time they got a mention.

This article, by Joe Mahon, appears on utv website.