Paragliding in Donegal at Five Fingers Strand

Here is a great video of paragliding in Donegal at Five Fingers Strand in north Inishowen. Five Fingers Strand is located northwest of Malin Village at Lagg and is an area of impressive sand dunes (up to 30m high, some of the highest in Europe) It is named after the line of five rock pinnacles which you can see jutting out from the headland at the entrance to the Bay.

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Paragliding in Donegal – YouTube Comments

good days fun at the five finger strand donegal phil barron ,rab holmes, mervin glass and gavin rabbit ,west facing dunnes and southwest cliff better in the summer

hey martin ,its west ,yeah you can launch from the grass in the middle part,always remember if you have sand in your glider you had fun you can shake the sand out but you will never shake the memories of the fun time that was had , come on ,be a sand BUG XX

these are miniwings built for strong wind flying when your paraglider is to dangerous in these conditions,they can be used as speed wings if the trimmers are off at their full speed ,no dhv xx


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