The Gallagher Clan Gathering 2013

The Gallagher Clan Gathering 2013
6th – 14th September 2013

The first global Gallagher gathering took place in Letterkenny, Co Donegal in 2007 — where there over 2,000 Gallaghers appear in the phone book alone!

With Gallaghers coming from as far away as Australia and Alaska, it claimed the Guinness World Record for a “the largest same name gathering” with 1,488 Gallaghers coming together in Donegal.

Although there’s been gatherings of Joneses in Wales since, The Gallaghers continue to reign as King of the Clans and there’s exciting things afoot for 2013. Listen to Adrian Gallagher, ‘King of the Gallaghers’ to find out more.

The 2nd Gallagher Global Gathering will be held in Gortahork,Co.Donegal Ireland from 6th – 14th September 2013. It will be based at the Ostan Loch Altan / Loch Altan Hotel. As with our first in 2007 this gathering will be a memorable occassion for all who attend. Various events will be taking place throughout the week and you can attend all of them or just a selection.

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