Rosato’s of Moville wins Traditional Pub Award

Rosato's of Moville

Rosato’s of Moville wins Traditional Pub Award

Eddie Harkin of ‘Rosatos’ in Moville says he’s’absolutely delighted’ following his establishment taking a top national award after being named Ireland’s ‘Best Traditional Pub’ at the National Hospitality Awards hosted in the 4 Seasons Hotel, Dublin on Monday night.

Speaking with the ‘Journal’ yesterday Eddie said it was a ‘massive shock but a lovely surprise’.

He commented:
I got a couple of calls from the organisers suggesting that it would be worth my while to come down but I sort of suggested I wouldn’t be able to make it as it’s a lot of bother going all the way to Dublin for a night out, making alternative staff arrangements and all the time that’s involved. But the fact that they kept coming back to me finally persuaded me to go – and now I’m very glad I did!
Asked why he thought Rosatos had won the award Eddie explained:
This pub is the real deal.It’s and old pub; not a ‘manufactured’ old pub. There is a nice, traditional attitude, we have a great staff, we serve top quality food and the whole package makes for a very good night out.

So how he was be bucking the trend?  Weren’t other pubs going out of business in Inishowen?
Yeah that’s true but it’s the food. I would hate to be running a pub now that didn’t serve food. If you are only serving drink you would be dependent on a good Saturday night and there’s no way one night a week is going to pay the mortgage.

We are in fact the only bar/restaurant left in Moville. I’m not sure that’s a good thing in that another one, particularly during the summer, would help meet the demand that’s clearly here. It would be good for the time in that tourists wouldn’t just leave and head somewhere in search of a meal.

Fortunately, we have got the name for good food and we have a client base that comes from all over the north-west. We are very grateful to our loyal customers and myself and Margaret (Eddie’s wife) are absolutely delighted to win this. It’s a real honour.

This article first appeared in The Derry Journal