Frost Debt Solutions

Frost Debt Solutions came about due to the rapid decline in the Irish economy and the soaring debts people find themselves in due to this reason. Given the fact that there was new legislation coming into effect such as the mortgage crisis Karen and Ryan Stewart thought it would be best to launch their service ahead of the new regulations that were coming into play.

In the boom, people were able to afford their debt repayments but since the recession people cannot keep up with these payments for a number of reasons such as a loss of a job or a reduction in salary. At the moment Frost Debt Solutions are dealing with creditors across the country and they are accepting the proposals that they make.

Frost Debt Solutions also negotiate with creditors to see if they will freeze the interest on charges on the accounts so whatever the clients do get will come directly off the balance and not eaten up by interest charges.

All advice Frost Debt Solutions give is free and confidential.