Awesome Paragliding Donegal

Awesome Paragliding Donegal

Ricks Brasil goes paragliding amid the spectacular scenery of south west Donegal.

Awesome Paragliding Donegal : The coastline of Glencolmcille is varied and dramatic, embracing as it does huge, sheer cliffs, sea-sculpted rocks and islets, tiny inlets where local fishermen harbour their boats, and sandy, safe beaches. At Malinbeg, with Rathlin o’Beirne Island a mile offshore, marking the Northen entrance to Donegal Bay, we have one of the finest beaches in Ireland, the sandy safe, Silver Strand, while at the North-Eastern extremity of our coast we have Tormore, 482 feet, Ireland’s highest sea stack.


Awesome Paragliding Donegal

In between and along an indented coast lies Teelin (Malinmore) Head, the most Westerly point on the Donegal coast, with Rossan Point close by at the entrance to Glen Bay. At the head of this bay is a good, sandy beach, backed by dunes, with a Car Park and the Folk Museum Centre adjacent. Glen Head rises to a height of 769 feet and is surmounted by its Watchtower. Just North of here is the Sturral, a jagged, knife-edged promontory.

Ricks Brasil

Preserving Authentic Ireland

Preserving Authentic Ireland at The Red Door Fahan

Every Wednesday Night during June July and August

Experiencing Ireland’s cultural heritage is still one of the greatest motivations for tourists to the country. Despite all else that is going on in Ireland, they want to learn about our traditions, lifestyle and what makes the place and people unique. The role of providing this experience lies largely with tourism providers and entering the summer season, we are stepping up to the mark.

One of the most authentic experiences a visitor can have is to sit by the fireside in the evening listening to poetry recitations, old legends and a song or two. The Celtic tradition of storytelling has been around for over 2000 years and people would gather in each other’s houses making their own entertainment to pass the long evenings.

Local musician, painter, writer and genealogist Seoirse O’Dochartaigh helped launch our Wednesday night opening at The Red Door last night with a relaxed evening of music and chat by the open fire in Kate’s Room, the original part of the country house built in 1789. Switching from English to Gaelic throughout poems and songs, Seoirse told how this was how Irish speakers learned English in the past.

Overnight guests from America and Greece said that they had toured to other parts of Donegal before coming to Inishowen but had not encountered such ‘Irishness’ as this. Locals enjoyed finding out about the history of the area and in particular the O’Dochartaigh family name.

Wednesday nights during June, July and August

Seoirse will be at The Red Door every Wednesday Night during June July and August and everyone is welcome. Senior citizens enjoy 10% discount on food on Wednesdays so it is perfect for a night out with a difference during the week. Call 00353 74 9360289 to book but it’s not essential.

Link: Preserving Authentic Ireland

Simply Music at Tullyarvan Mill Buncrana

Simply Music at Tullyarvan Mill Buncrana

Next Sunday, June 24th Tullyarvan Mill will be rocking to the sounds of the best of Inishowen talent – all tutors and friends of Simply Music.

The concert starts at 8pm, and features none other than the Henry Girls, local band Palomino, and singer/songwriters Longfellow and Louise Moore. Admission is €8, €20 per family.

Eleanor Lamb, back in her role as manager of Simply Music after an absence of 3 years, is really looking forward to a great night.

Speaking yesterday she said: “All of these acts feature Simply Music tutors, so in a sense it’s turning the tables and giving our pupils the opportunity to listen to their tutors”.

Simply Music at Tullyarvan Mill Buncrana
Simply Music is also hosting the internationally acclaimed Blazing Bows in a community workshop as part of the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, on Wed 27th June at 1pm. Admission to this event is free, and “it will be a wonderful opportunity for our pupils, their families and the wider community to listen to these wonderful musicians in an informal setting, chat, find out their approach to music, and how they learnt and got involved in the first place”, says Eleanor.

Other Simply Music events during the summer include a School of Rock from August 13th – 16th and ‘A Rainbow of Sound’ – a children’s Art and Music summer scheme to take place from July 17th – 20th, so it’s a busy summer ahead for all Inishowen music enthusiasts!

The Memory of Scent at Rathmullan House

The Memory of Scent at Rathmullan House

Conceived in the United States, set in Paris, and launched in Rathmullan – for American born Lisa Burkitt’s debut novel ‘The Memory of Scent’ there is something of her life’s journey to date running through these geographical themes.

It was in the land of her birth that the idea of a book first took root and it was the city where she spent a period of her life in that was almost inevitably going to form the backdrop for her historical story. And this Friday evening in the scenic surrounds of Rathmullan House her novel will take its first steps into the public domain in a county she now firmly calls home.

It has been home for some time now – was home when her family relocated to Letterkenny from an America that had reeled from the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy to arrive in an Ireland that had shared in the shock of those slayings. The McGills came back in the year of Bloody Sunday – from the racial tensions they’d left behind in Cleveland, Ohio, to the sectarian divisions of the Troubles here. But life for all of them would move on. Or so they thought.

Lisa’s mother, Eileen (a member of the well known McGlinchey family) had taken her four children back to Letterkenny while her husband, Basil, remained on in the States for a further year. The couple had initially met at the Covehill home of Lisa’s aunt. Jo, Cork born, Basil having arrived in the town as a raw 16-year-old to take up employment in the Post Office. “It was like a foreign posting in the army!,” laughs Lisa.

They married in Dublin in the early fifties and set off to live in the States, setting up home in Cleveland where he started a job as a stockbroker. Lisa and her three siblings, Denise, Anne and Paul, were all born in the U.S. but after moving to New Jersey the family finally took the decision to return.

Two years after that return, in 1972, personal tragedy hit the McGills in the most devastating of circumstances. They had spent their first Christmas together in Letterkenny when 41-year-old Eileen was killed in a car crash in the vicinity of the Port Bridge, shattering the dream of a new life and fresh beginnings.

To this day, Lisa doesn’t know, and has deliberately never made it her business to know, the precise location of the fatal accident. “I pass by it frequently but where exactly my mum’s car spun off the road, I don’t know and don’t want to.

“I was eleven years of age when it happened and for five years after the accident, I never uttered the word ‘Mummy’.”

Not that her mother wasn’t forever a presence. “The house we were living in at Lower Main Street became physically colder. The life went out of it.”

But time, even in the face of tragedy, won’t stand still and for the young Lisa the world opened up to creativity and thoughts of travel. “The first time I got a poem published was in my fourth year at the Loreto Convent. It was called ‘Lament of a Delinquent’,” she grins at the memory of the title.

“I always wanted to travel and I suppose I saw myself following a journalistic career in a war zone.”

It was to Jerusalem that she ultimately headed. “I was there for one and a half years and absolutely adored it.” Her first rejection slips came from the old ‘Irish Press’ who weren’t interested in summaries of daily life in Israel.

But there were other places to see and other writings that would be accepted by publishers. “I lived in Paris for a while and it stayed with me.” Stayed with her when she took herself off to the United States and the idea of a novel sewed itself into her consciousness and the City of Lights emerged as the setting point for it.

The seed grew but in the meantime, after her return to Donegal, so too Lisa’s involvement in journalism. initial prime mover behind the ‘Finn Valley Voice’ and producer on Highland Radio among other achievements. The intensive research into ‘The Memory of Scent’, which centres on the story of a woman in Paris in 1883, began in 2009 and finally the book will take its place on the bookshelves after this weekend.

Lisa has just returned from the French city where she attended the launch of an anthology of best Parisian stories which includes a story of her own, ‘A Pinch of Tarragaon’, which she had reshaped into the genre from the drafts of her novel.

Somehow Paris was always destined to play a significant role in Lisa Burkitt’s writing career. And she never had any doubts that Donegal would be the launching pad for her debut work of fiction.

“People would have said why not Dublin but I always wanted to launch the book in the county where I live.”

The Memory of Scent at Rathmullan House
And in Rathmullan this Friday evening. ‘The Memory of Scent’ will be launched by County Arts Officer, Traolach O’Fionnain. Highland Radio’s Shaun Doherty will also read an extract from the work which is being published by ‘The History Press’.

A significant chapter in Lisa’s writing career. And more to follow. “I’m writing another book. It took me so long to finally get this one out that I don’t want to waste any more time.”

From the United States to Donegal via Paris and other points. The journey continues.

article appeared in Donegal Democrat

Rathmullan Seafest Donegal

Rathmullan Seafest Donegal

Come the solstice weekend, the sheltered waters of Donegal’s Lough Swilly will once again spring to life with sails big and small, with the slap of oars and paddles. The shoreline and golden sands of its beaches will play natural backdrop to games and competitions, to families and friends celebrating in the unique surroundings of our coastal environment.

Rathmullan Seafest Donegal
No celebration would be complete without plenty of our coastal food culture: fresh fish and shellfish from our local waters; lamb and pork from our local fields – all of it turned into simply exceptional regional cuisine by our talented local chefs.

The list of Donegal craft people appearing at SeaFest is an impressive one indeed. Pop into the Battery in Rathmullan on Saturday and Sunday to see stunning work from:

Martin Gallagher Furniture, Michael Parkinson Furniture, PJ Patton Metalwork, Karen O’Kane Textiles, Joanne Gamble Jewellery, Brian McGee Ceramics, Rosie Moloney Jewellery, Niomi Fluery Papercraft, Hannah McGuinness Jewellery, Sharon McGinley Textiles, Isobel Sangha Soap.

Rathmullan Seafest Donegal

More Details

More details available at this link.

Fanad Coastal Walk

Fanad Coastal Walk

There will we a 25k Coastal Walk to Fanad on Saturday, June 30 in aid of the local RNLI and Fanad Accordion Band.

Registration at Portsalon Golf Club from 7.30–9.00am. Sponsor cards at O’Kane’s General Store, Kerrykeel which will cover registration. Registration is €20 euro, family rate available.

A bus departs to start point in Ballyhoorisky at 9am and the walk begins at 9.30am.

There will also be an opportunity to take part in a treasure hunt from Ballyhoorisky to Lighthouse Tavern.

We’ll stop off for lunch at the Lighthouse Tavern.

The first part of walk is flat over beaches and headland, while the second part of walk is over mountains and beaches and close to the cliff edge. There will be check points on route and pull out points on route with transport back to start point.

Refreshments will be served after the walk with spot prizes from local businesses and music by Fanad Accordion Band. Certificates will also be presented after the walk.

Fanad Coastal Walk
Please wear suitable clothing. Bring packed lunch and water. Don’t forget suntan lotion and camera to capture flowers and fauna, nesting birds, seals, dolphins and maybe whales or baskers. For further information contact 086 382 6328 or 0868062579 or check out facebook/Fanad Coastal Walk.

Green Guide to Donegal

Green Guide to Donegal

The Gysling Family & Harvey’s Point Team bring you the green Guide to Donegal

Plan your holiday or short break based on our personal recommendations. Discover the unique beauty of Donegal and the North West. Experience the real Ireland, what to see, where to go. Explore hidden places, find local attractions, enjoy gorgeous 360˚ virtual tours with this free guide.

Green Guide to Donegal on Issuu

Download the Donegal Green guide iPhone app

Download the App now! Enjoy!

Brought to you by the Gysling family, this advert-free App is the result of a deep affection for this special corner of Ireland and a desire to share it with you. Each place has been personally selected on the basis that it highlights the best of the North West.

Scenic drives, golf courses, walking trails, other activities, beaches, historical sites, restaurants. Packed with information and tips for your trip, it is easy to navigate and each location is pinpointed on a map so you always know how near the next great attraction is.

There is no need for a live data connection while using this App, as everything is stored on your device after you do an initial update. This means you won’t be charged for expensive data roaming.

Most listings are GPS-based to guide you to a place once you select it.

We will keep you notified about what’s on in the region. These push alerts are free and non-intrusive and you will receive no more than 1 per month. You can also enable or disable the notification in the settings at any time.

You are welcome to use Harvey’s Point as the perfect hotel base from which to tour Donegal and the North West or simply as a destination to relax and enjoy palatial accommodation, exquisite cuisine and warm Donegal hospitality. Located just outside Donegal Town, Harvey’s Point enjoys a magical setting on the shores of Lough Eske and at the foot of the Bluestack Mountains.

We hope that you will enjoy using our Green Guide App, and it will be our pleasure to welcome you to the Hills of Donegal and beyond.

Download the App now! Enjoy!

The Gysling Family & Harvey’s Point Team.

Lennon Festival 2012

Lennon Festival 2012

Sunday 1st July

3.30 pm Leprechaun Hunt (Leprechaun licence to be bought at Gambles Square)
Sponsored by AJ Lockhart & S Crawford Construction.
Singing Pub: O’Shaughnessy’s

Monday 2nd July

7-7.30pm Car Treasure Hunt starting from Market Square
Sponsored by the Silver Tassie Hotel

Tuesday 3rd July

6.00pm Junior Soccer Blitz/Childrens Sports in Swilly Park
8.00pm x Swilly Rovers V’s x Mariners over 40’s at Swilly Park for Purple Cup
Singing Pub : Lennon Lodge

Wednesday 4th July

6.30pm Fun Raft Race Teams of 4, strictly over 18, lifejackets must be worn, oar power only; Rafts must be registered before entry.
Registration takes place at Gambles Square
8.00pm Charity singles open Bowls competition in Makemie Hall contact 9151223
All proceeds in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society
8.30pm Fashion Show in Town Hall
With local Fashion Designer Liam Grier & St Vincent DePaul shop. Liam will show a large and varied collection of beautiful fine knitwear on the night. While under the supervision of Eilish Toland the St Vincent DePaul shop will show a collection of everyday & designer labels. Also Ramelton Youth Project & The Treesome Kids are producing some unusual fashion from everyday items!!
Singing Pub : Conways

Thursday 5th July

11.00am Ramelton Guided Heritage Tour leaving Gambles Square. Lennon Festival 2012
3.00pm Open Table Tennis Tournament in Robinson’s School
(Under 10,13,16 & Seniors)
7.00pm 4km Fun Run/Walk of Ramelton Registration takes place at St Marys National School car park.
8.00pm Charity singles open Bowls competition in Makemie Hall contact 9151223 All proceeds in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society.
8.30pm Queen of the Lennon in the Town Hall With Miss Elegance also on the night! Sponsored by Tom Murray Pharmacy & The Wedding Centre, Letterkenny
Singing Pub : Bridge Bar

Friday 6th July

4.00pm Little Miss Ramelton & Prince Charming in the Town Hall
6.00pm Crab fishing at the quay (children must be accompanied by an adult, string & bait will be provided)
6.30pm Official Reception in Robinson’s School
7.00pm Music at Gambles Square by Chalk & Cheese Sponsored by Kevin Mc Fadden
8.00pm Official opening at Gambles Square by DESSIE GALLAGHER Irish Actor of Stage & Screen
8.00pm Charity singles open Bowls competition in Makemie Hall contact 9151223 All proceeds in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society
10 – 1am SUPPER DANCE in the Town Hall Music by Country Traditions with Waltzing, Jiving competition and Glamorous Granny.

Saturday 7th July

10.00am Country Market in the Town Hall
10.30am Art Competition Draw your masterpiece on the Spot!
& Wildflower Competition (flowers must be in 1lb Jam Jars). In the Community Centre. Paper, crayons etc will be provided.
10.30am Vintage Car Display at Gambles Square
4.15pm Childrens Adventure Trail starting at Festival H.Q.
4.30pm Gladiator Challenge on the Bing
5.00pm Live Music by COPPERHEAD Sponsored by Hugo Whoriskey
7.00pm Playstation Challenge
9.30-12pm Two Hand & Ceili dancing music by James Sandlilands in Town Hall

Holiday Homes in Ramelton

Sunday 8th July

2.00pm Open Tennis Tournament at Tennis Courts
2.00pm Bonny Baby Competition in the Town Hall
1.30pm Ulster Marching Band Competition at Gambles Square
2.30pm Fling on the Bing Teams of 4 (2men & 2women)
4.30pm Horseshoe throwing on the Bing
5.00pm Live Music at Gambles Square featuring Malcolm Fisher, Paul McCahill & Ann McConigley
6.00pm Safety Inspection of vehicles before race at Back Lane. Helmets & Safety gear to be worn, vehicles must have brakes and freewheeling only, strictly over 18. Prizes for best Novelty Cart. (no sharp edges or protruding steel)
6.30pm Wheelie Wacky Waces (soap box derby) at Castle Street
8.30pm Kids Concert in Town Hall. A showcase of our young local talent!

Monday 9thJuly

12 noon Children’s Talent Competition in the Town Hall Sponsored by the Ramelton Pantomime Society
3.30pm Pet Show at Gambles Square (All animals must be vaccinated) Sponsored by The Animal Health Centre, Ramelton
5.30pm Children’s Fancy Dress at Gambles Square
6.45pm Adults Adventure Trail starting at Festival H.Q.
7.00pm Orienteering Competition (12-14yrs) (14-16yrs) (16-18yrs)

Lennon Festival 2012 Closing Ceremony

8.30pm Music at Gambles Square by MARTIN ORR & HONKY TONK HEROES

The closing ceremony of the Lennon Festival has taken on a life of its own over the last few years. It begins with the entrance of The Lennon Dragon, with other creatures of the deep blue in attendance, weaving his way along the river to pass major icons of the world lighting up and culminating in a spectacular dazzling display of fireworks beyond the Quay.

Side Events: Best Large Garden, Best Painted New House, Best Painted Old House, Best Kept Area, Best Hanging Baskets, Best Small Garden, Best Window Boxes, Best Kept Business Premises, Best Floral

Dunree Commemoration

Dunree Commemoration

The annual remembrance service for the men and women of Inishowen who died during World War 1 will be held on Sunday June 30th 2013 in Fort Dunree Military Museum at 2.30pm.

A Prayer Service led by clergy from the Catholic, Church of Ireland, and Presbyterian faiths will be followed by a reading of the Roll of Honour and the Last Post. Wreaths will be laid by a number of organisations as well as private family flowers. Music will be provided by The Buncrana Accordian Band and The Tullintrain Pipe Band.

At least 249 men and women from Inishowen died in World War One. They came from both main traditions and fought for different reasons. They fell in France, Belgium, Gallipoli, Salonika, Iraq, Palestine, and on the high seas. For many years their sacrifice was forgotten. In the words of former President Mary McAleese, ‘Memories were put in shoeboxes’.

Last year a permanent memorial to these local men was opened by the Chairman of the Donegal CDB Peace III Partnership, Cllr Dessie Larkin (FF), and wreaths will be laid at the memorial during the ceremony.

The organisers of this annual event, the Inishowen Friends of Messine group, would like to invite everybody to come along on Sunday 24th to remember their relations and neighbours, who came from every single parish in Inishowen, and who died and were forgotten for so long.